Lawn Maintenance Seasons

We want to do the best to help our clients, can we help you? The following is a recommended schedule of grounds maintenance tasks.

January – Bi-Weekly removal of litter and debris from shrubs and lawn area. This service is limited to normal accumulation and not debris caused by abnormal weather.

February – Same as January. Mulching of bedding areas. Ornamental trees tipped or cropped. Liriope cut back. Pre-emergents late in month.

March – Same as January and in addition: late March mow lawn if needed to pick up winter debris. Application of lawn fertilizer towards end of month if spring is early.

April – Regular lawn mowing should begin during this month. Watering habits should be established.

May – Regular lawn maintenance (mowing and trimming). Fertilization. Flower installation, monitor for diseased plant material.

June – Regular lawn maintenance continued. Monitoring for water requirements will usually begin this month, monitor for diseased turf.

July – Regular lawn maintenance continues. Fertilization.

August – Regular lawn maintenance continues. Lawn monitored for disease during this month.

September – Regular lawn maintenance continues. Fall fertilizer applied to lawn during this month. Beds sprayed for weeds in early part of month if weeds are present. Lawn over seeded with Hybrid fescue or appropriate seed, core preparation prior to seeding.

October – Regular lawn maintenance continues. Fall debris up. Mulching of beds if requested with extra charge. Flower installation.

November – Regular lawn maintenance continues while warm weather persists. Removal of autumn leaves from lawn and shrub beds. Post Emergent. Fertilization.

December – Final cleanup of autumn leaves on lawn. Same service as November.

Complete Lawn Care Services

We provide a full range of lawn care services including mowing your grass to promote health, edging, weeding, tree trimming, hedge trimming, and other lawn maintenance services. We also perform fertilization, irrigation, and installing and repairing sprinkler systems. We will keep your lawn in pristine condition all throughout the year so you can enjoy a revitalized and flourishing landscape. Our focus is on beautifying and maintaining the quality of your yard for the edification of your property.

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