Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Cutting

Cut the grass, edge the cemented areas, weedeat around all fixed objects and blow the areas off.

Lawn with gazebo

Yearly Maintenance

Cutting program that gives 40 weeks of cutting, edging and trimming (including the 4 months we cut it 5 times) April through Dec and 11 weeks of fall clean up late Oct through December. We develop a total for the 9 months of work and take that total and divide it by 12 months to keep your payments fixed. Newell Lawn Service has to wait 3 months to get paid for work it has already earned. We also give two free service calls in Jan, Feb and March to blow cement areas off and check plants for disease. Under the umbrella of the maintenance agreement you are able to utilize all are other landscape service at a discounted rate and priority service.


Done in the fall with hybrid fescue or winter rye, 11lbs per sq-ft, client must water the yard daily to get the full effectiveness of the seeding application.


6-step application program, treats turf for weeds and builds soil nutrition for fall seeding, client must partner with Newell Law and Landscape to maintain a proper watering program daily. No watering of turf will diminish the effectiveness of the fertilization application.

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