Fertilizing in Chesapeake VA

FertilizationThe individual blades of grass that make up your lawn require nourishment and protection for optimal growth. Many people in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Suffolk and Portsmouth, Virginia trust Newell Lawn & Landscape for these lawn services.

Both fertilizer and insecticide are sprayed on lawns to encourage growth and discourage weeds and bugs. Contact us today for lawn care and landscaping service in Chesapeake, Virginia and surrounding areas.

Lawn Fertilizing: Chesapeake VA

Rely on us to look out for your lawn in Chesapeake, VA with necessary services, such as fertilizing, spraying and treatment. You can see when lawn fertilizing is necessary. The grass might be sparse and yellow brown with patchy spots. If you are noticing a less than verdant lawn, treatment is in order.

Our family-owned company takes a custom approach to everything we do for you. So, we investigate the problem and then, apply the proper mix of lawn fertilizer at the right time. Soon, the grass will grow in green, lush and healthy. Contact us today about the benefits of lawn fertilizing in Chesapeake and surrounding areas.

Lawn Spraying: Chesapeake VA

You have invested too much time and money in your yard in Chesapeake, Virginia to let weeds take over. They are choking the growth of grass, invading your flower beds and proving an eyesore. Ask our lawn spraying experts to know exactly what to do to eliminate weeds. We use chemicals that are strong, but not harmful to people or pets. Request a free estimate on the cost of lawn spraying for weeds.

Lawn Treatment in Chesapeake VA

Of course, no one wants bugs in their yard, but many bugs are beneficial. Trust Newell Lawn & Landscape in Chesapeake, VA to know which insects are pests and harmful to the grass, trees and plants in your yard.

Over the years, our lawn treatment professionals have found the most effective and safe methods of eliminating bugs and discouraging them from coming back. Ask us to look over your yard and let you know what lawn treatment is needed to get rid of the problem.

Contact us today for lawn fertilizing, so your grass has all it needs to flourish. We proudly serve Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Suffolk and Portsmouth, Virginia.

Complete Lawn Care Services

We provide a full range of lawn care services including mowing your grass to promote health, edging, weeding, tree trimming, hedge trimming, and other lawn maintenance services. We also perform fertilization, irrigation, and installing and repairing sprinkler systems. We will keep your lawn in pristine condition all throughout the year so you can enjoy a revitalized and flourishing landscape. Our focus is on beautifying and maintaining the quality of your yard for the edification of your property.

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We look forward to providing for all of your lawn care needs in Virginia Beach, VA, Chesapeake, VA and the surrounding areas.