Hardscapes landscaping, refers to the built environment. That not only include paved areas like sidewalks. But also, structures, walls, pools, fountains, fireplaces and firepits.

Pavers in Brick and Stone Hardscapes

Generally speaking, if you had to choose just one thing to improve your landscaping. Select pavers in brick and stone from our hardscapes company.

Newell Lawn and Landscape have hardscapes experts in Chesapeake, Va.. In addition, they can design and install pavers to create a patio to define a walkway and to surround your pool.

Over 26 years in Hardscapes

We have over 26 years of excellence in hardscapes. With our lawn care and landscaping services not only in Chesapeake, Va.. But also, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Suffolk and Portsmouth, Virginia. By all means, contact us today to install pavers for you.

Stone Pavers in Chesapeake VA.

Individuality and Endurance in all Hardscapes

Nothing can match the individuality and endurance of stone pavers for your home in Chesapeake, Va.. Stone pavers provide unique beauty as each paver is different. Every one of our hardscapes are unique. You can not only be confident that no one else’s pool looks as good as yours. But also, that it was done by our expert hardscapes company.

Our landscaping company works with brick and stone paving materials because these offer the highest quality and strength. They will not crumble underfoot. Request pool design with pavers of your choice of color and shape.

Use Brick Pavers for Pools in Chesapeake Va.

Natural Beauty of Clay Hardscapes

Bring charm to your patio in Chesapeake, Va., with our hardscapes brick pavers. Utilizing, the natural beauty of clay of many colors. Which, is placed in intriguing interlocking patterns. As a result, providing areas that you, your family and guests can enjoy. Especially, for the patio, sidewalk, driveway or pool areas.

Brick pavers are an excellent choice for the environment and the homeowner. You will not slip on brick pavers as they have a naturally rough surface, making them an excellent choice around the pool. Contact us today for pool paver designs from our expert hardscapes company.

Chesapeake Expert Stone Paving Installation

Appeal in Your Hardscapes

First thing to remember, is that paver installation is a job best left to the professionals. Another key point, installing pavers involves much more than fitting pieces together like a puzzle.

When we are finished, you can be sure the stone paving will provide decades of pleasure and appeal in your hardscapes.

Contact us today for the beauty, variety and durability of brick and stone pavers. We not only proudly serve Chesapeake, Va.. But also, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Suffolk and Portsmouth, Va..

Complete Lawn Care Services

Our company provides a full range of lawn care services in Chesapeake, Va.. For example, we will mow your grass to promote health. This includes, edging, weeding, tree trimming, hedge trimming and other lawn maintenance services. Further more, Newell Lawn & Landscape also perform fertilization, irrigation, installing and repairing sprinkler systems. In other words, we will keep your lawn in pristine condition all throughout the year. So that, you can enjoy a revitalized and flourishing landscape. Thus, Newell's focus is on beautifying and maintaining the quality of your yard for the edification of your property. To sum up, our company is just one phone call away from creating your dream lawn.

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Newell's looks forward to not only providing for all of your lawn care needs in Chesapeake, VA.. But also, Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas.